The image manager Apple forgot

Screenie 1.1 (4/3/16)
Mac OSX 10.11 or later is required


So, what makes Screenie so special?

With the power of Screenie you can...
Drag screenshots from the icon on your menubar!
Access any of your images right from your menubar!
Change where your screenshots are saved!
Change screenshot filetypes to PSD, JPG, and more!
Filter and search through your images!

Revolutionize your workflow with Screenie

Change the way you access your images!

Customization is key, and we let you do a ton of it!

Check out how you could revolutionize
your workflow with Screenie now!


So, why aren't you on the App Store?

Our app QuickShot, which Screenie is mostly based off of was on the App Store for some time, but we had lots of trouble with Apple's review process and have recently decided to remove all our apps from the Mac App Store. This allows us to make better products with more features for our users, as well as push out updates immediately without going through Apple's review process.

How can you contact us?